BEST OF 2021 of the whale season

The first humpback whales season at Mobydick Tahiti has offered us some beautiful encounters. Young whale calves full of vitality and very demonstrative under the attentive and caring eye of their mother, juveniles alone or in groups very curious towards boats and swimmers. One of them was very dynamic at the end of October… Some animals are really not afraid of humans 🙂 And of course male singers who charmed us with their bewitching vocalizations…

And here is the BEST OF of the most beautiful pictures taken during our tours. 

Not to mention an unprecedented encounter with Risso’s dolphins, mixed with rough-toothed dolphins, offshore, following a group of 4 young whales. Risso’s dolphins are present in Polynesia but rarely observed. 

The pictures were taken in the respect of the rules of approach, in order to limit the disturbance and to patiently establish, step by step, a climate of confidence. Passive observation means staying at a distance, at the limit of visibility and without seeking inaction at all costs. Letting the animal choose to come to meet us (or not) is to leave ourselves a chance to make quality observations.

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