Scuba diving

Welcome to the diver family. We dive every day off the coast of Paea and Papara (minimum 4 divers). 

We dive the “old fashioned way” because our office is the boat itself. Come with your swimsuit and your biggest smile, we will board directly on the boat where you will find your full equipment. We offer first dives, training, and nice exploration dives.

2 meetings 

9 am (8am for 2 tanks) /  1pm

Duration : 2h30

During the whale season, we reduce the rhythm of our scuba dives, but we still offer 3 COMBO dates : a “whale-watching tour” combined with a scuba dive on one of our beautiful ocean-side spots. Duration: 5 hours (from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.). Reserved for certified and regular divers (no refresh) and their companions. For 2024, we propose 3 dates: Sunday 18/08, Saturday 28/09 and Saturday 19/10.

To date, we offer FFESSM or ANMP courses (level 1, 2, 3) recognized throughout the world thanks to the protocols of agreement between the different scuba dive organizations (CMAS, SSI, PADI…). We offer courses for children and soon we will be able to offer you international courses.

First dive

Your first dive in complete safety.
A dive at a maximum depth of 6m for 30 to 40 minutes. We go at your rhythm, with softness and patience. So don't hesitate! This may be the first of a long series of dives.
It is the essential step before continuing on a level 1.


4 dives

Supervised diver at 20m
This level will allow you to acquire the basics of scuba diving. You are autonomous with your own equipment. You know how to prepare your equipment, communicate and integrate into a group of divers supervised by a guide.


10 dives

Autonomous diver at 20m
Supervised diver at 40m
You want to dive with your favorite buddy up to 20m (3 divers max) and experiment the depth? The level 2 is for you:
- up to 20 m: you are an autonomous diver and therefore master the management of the dive. You are able to orient yourself, react to delicate situations, assist a diver in difficulty and bring him back to the surface.

- Between 20 and 40 m: you are guided and supervised by a guide while mastering the management of your parameters.


4 dives

Supervised diver at 40m
Do you want an experience of the depths without acquiring the autonomy of level 2? You like your instructor and want to be supervised in the 0-40m zone? The PE40 is for you.

We will teach how to manage a dive at 40m (use of a computer and control of the parameters, management of deco stops and knowledge of risks related to the depth...)


10 dives

Autonomous diver at 60m
You have the highest level of diver and you are autonomous in the 0-60m zone.

You dive in a group of 2 to 3 autonomous divers. You know how to organize and plan the dive, orient yourself, assist a diver in difficulty and bring him back to the surface in complete safety. You know the risks related to depth and how to prevent and react to them (narcosis, out of breath...)

Off the coast of Paea, beautiful drop offs offer multilevel diving sites. The reef slops are covered with a rich variety of fish and fixed fauna (hard and soft corals), and various fish. To date, four sites have been identified on the ocean side, as well as a very nice coral formation on the lagoon side. They are all accessible from the level 1.

Tombant de Rohotu

A vertiginous drop off, very vertical and endless, full of life: coral, soldier fish, green and hawksbill turtles, sea slugs...

From level 1

Gauche d'Apatea

A vertiginous drop off with a white sandy bottom at the end of the dive in Apatea Bay. Numerous schools of saupe or paddle perch are present, as well as numerous turtles.

From level 1

Passe de Paea pk18
(or Governor pass)

A drift dive that takes place in calm sea conditions.

The dive starts in the lagoon, the current leads us to a nice channel where many leopard rays often swim against the current. The dive ends on a very nice drop off, arched in some places. It is possible to meet turtles and white tip sharks.

From level 1 with experience

© Vetea Lio, Gilles Siu, Adeline et Isabelle

Dortoir aux tortues

An exceptional and superlative site, in Papara. The drop-off is vertiginous, all in relief and in convolutions. The coral is in very good health, including on the flat. A rich and varied fauna is present. As well as a multitude of green turtles, which find refuge in numerous cavities.

From level 1

Voûte de Paea

A magnificent drop off, which extends to a depth of 30 meters with a large arch full of hiding places sheltered from the light.

From level 1

Porites Mount (lagoon)

A beautiful coral formation, in the lagoon, very impressive by its size and depth since it goes down to more than 25m and allows multilevel dives. The dive consists of a loop in a forest of turbinaria, these large cone-shaped coral scattered on the slops.

From level 1

We provide you with tanks and weights. Complete Cressi equipment is available upon request. Let us know what you need before the dive and your usual sizes.