Snorkeling excursion

Explore one of the most beautiful lagoon in Tahiti on a boat trip to discover the wildlife in snorkeling with passionate guides

We offer boat excursions and snorkeling tours to discover our rich wildlife. The excursion will be also a chance to explore the beautiful emerald coast and appreciate the extraordinary “blue palette” of the lagoon between Paea and Papara, on the West coast of Tahiti.

First, we stop at the Mara’a surf spot, knowd for its shallow reef break, where only experienced local surfers can compete. Then, we’ll explore different snorkeling spots in the lagoon, otherwise along the outer reef slope to encounter different tropical fish and sea turtles. It is sometimes possible to meet on the way some species of dolphins present all year round.

We organize half-day or full-day excursions on request. Day trips are indeed an occasion to reach the “motus” (small islands) of Mataiea, the lovely bay of Taharu’u and the “rahui” area of Atimaono (regulated fishing area). See a video of the day excursion at Mataiea here!

Meeting : 9am or 1pm

Duration : 3 h

Departure : Paea Marina (pk26,7)

All year round, it is possible to meet sea turtles (green turtles, hawksbill turtles), seabirds (different species of nodis, frigates, boobies, terns, petrels, phaeton, shearwaters) offshore or in the lagoon. And of course many species of fish including different species of rays or more occasionally harmless reef sharks.

The Marine Mammals Sanctuary of French Polynesia hosts 21 species of whales and dolphins in a territory as large as Europe. Apart from the humpback whales present between August and November, several species of cetaceans are present in the lagoon or off the outer reef slope. Around Tahiti, among the sedentary species, we find mainly spinner dolphins, pantropical spotted dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins.

Among the nomadic species, we find mainly tropical pilot whales and orcas. Other much rarer species can be observed, such as Cuvier’s beaked whales, dwarf sperm whales, and sperm whales. 

Spinner dolphin
(Stenella longirostris)

Tropical pilot whale
(Globicephala macrorhunchus)

Rough-toothed dolphin
(Steno bredanensis)

See the cetacean species encountered in French Polynesia:

After a safety briefing, we exit off the Mara’a channel and depending on the conditions we will choose to explore a certain area between Paea and Papara. For day trips, it will be possible to reach the motus of Mataiea. 

Some cetacean species such as spinner dolphins can welcome the boat. Moreover, we will try to witness hunting scenes with the purpose of meeting varied seabirds species

During this boat tour, it will be possible to practice at least 1 hour of snorkeling either in the lagoon or on the outer reef slope depending on the conditions. Participants will be accompanied by a guide who will  describe the main fish families and the species encountered. 

To end up our tour, we’ll have a time of relaxation in a splendid natural swimming pool, and just seize the moment in the translucent waters of the lagoonAnd, it can also be the occasion ( for private groups ) to bring out your musical selection , we have speakers aboard !

Likewise, snack will be offered to you during the excursion, but do not hesitate to let us discover your specialties too.

Our guides and pilots are experienced professionals. Our priority is to ensure your safety, to ensure that you have a pleasant time while respecting the well-being of animals. A guide will systematically accompany you in the water to ensure your safety and make you aware of the species and ecosystems encountered.

The boat… It can accommodate up to 12 passengers. It is equipped with a 250 horsepower engine and 2 side ladders. You will be protected from the sun and the rain thanks to an awning. 

Pregnant women… The jolts sometimes felt during navigation are not recommended. Please ask your doctor for advice.

Children… Minor children are under the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians.

The sea conditions… We leave for several hours at sea and we may encounter harsher conditions than in the lagoon. So please come prepared with a rain coat and un protection (sunglasses, cap, sunscreen if possible one that is not harmful to coral).

Encounters… Mother nature is unpredictable, so we cannot guarantee neither sighting nor swimming with the cetaceans. Nevertheless, we will put all our energy into making it happen.