Sunset tour

Out of whale season – between mid-November and mid-August – we offer you a sunset boat tour. A private guided trip, and a great getaway to enjoy the magnificent sunsets of the west coast, with the remarkable view of Moorea island at the background. The privileged location of the Pahiarepo marina will also allow you to appreciate the coast of the Tahiti peninsula (Tahiti iti).

First, we will take a lagoon trip, then we will anchor the boat on the sandbanks for a relaxing swim.

It can indeed be an exceptional romantic time of contemplation and connection, or elsewhere a joyful moment shared among friends grooving to the tunes…. You decide the atmosphere! Speakers, juices and snacks are available, but don’t hesitate if you want to share your specialties too!

Meeting : 4 pm
Duration : 2h maximum
Departure : Paea Marina (pk26,7)